Wrap when the sprit says wrap!

I’m so impressed by all of you who are able to stay on task with writing and creating art this time of year. My artistic energy has been going into wrapping presents and finishing Harry Potter and the Half-blood Prince. (Finished today.) Question: Isn’t it odd that Harry has been able to face challenge after challenge by himself  in the past books. He solves problems, figures out magical stuff, and succeeds, just as he should in a MG/YA book. Then in book 6, he needs Dumbledore (an adult, albeit very cool one) to get through the cave challenge. What do you think?

Still hoping to hear about SCBWI grant, board book, and Errand Day picture book. Resending two non-fiction pieces on Tuesday when my kids get a day in Vacation Camp!

I'd love to hear your thoughts!

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