I’m back

After reading my “friends page,” I see that I am not the only one who is having trouble finding time to post. I have not fallen off the Earth. In fact, my family and I have been dealing with strep throat. First my son, then me, then my husband. I hope that this week brings some time to complete art to put on my new portfolios.com page.

In publishing news. Nice rejections with notes from Scholastic on my non-fiction project, and Tricycle press on my board book project. Still nothing from Walter Lorraine on one picture book. A form rejection on my Chanukah story and Sabbath story from Kar-Ben. Working on revisions for those, and my poem collection. Sending out my watershed picture book to Sylvan Dell come Jan. 1 when they open up again.

Happy Chanukah to all who join me in celebrating this festival of lights. I was in a couple funny skits at our synagogue party yesterday, and go into E.’s class tomorrow to teach them how to play dreidel.

Happy Birthday to

 here is a birthday breakfast for you!

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