Peace and Quiet

A huge round of applause for my sister-in-law who took my two lovely (read noisy and bored) children away for roller skating and a sleep-over the same day their father had to leave for a business trip providing me with 24 hours of peace and quiet. It is true that this peace and quiet was preceded by my two, plus her three, destroying our house and speaking in volumes loud enough to hear each other across three rows in a rockin’ stadium show when they were only three feet apart. None the less, I am thankful from my typing finger tips to my x-country skiing toes.

I managed to remove, dust, and vacuum their detritus, roast a pan of lovely root veggies for my lunch, catch up on my emails, waste a little time on livejournal, (this blog) twitter, and facebook while still enjoying the fictive dream and getting down quite a few concrete words today. Next stop, the library, to pick up books for my grad lecture, then off to dinner with the women of the Midcoast Triathlon Club. Finally, a private viewing of Sherlock Holmes with Fiddle Faddle in hand. What could be better than Robert Downey, Jr. and toffee covered popcorn?

Maybe a hot bath.

PS: A shout out to the UPS man who in all his glorious brown-ness delivered Kimberly Marcus’s, new novel in verse Exposed on the perfect day!

Happy T-day to Everyone!

macy's day parade turkey balloon
Illustration by Anna J. Boll

I had a great visit to the Big Apple this past weekend. It was a long needed break from the pressures and responsibilities I’ve given myself this fall: two part time jobs, full time school, and overtime parenting. (By the way, this is why I haven’t been blogging.)

I hung out with friends in Union Square, walked Central Park on a beautiful fall day, and attended the Jewish Children’s Book Writers and Illustrators conference. (Thank you Jewish Book Council and Barbara Krasner for keeping this one-day conference alive. See Barbara’s take on the conference at her blog.)

I got woken up at 2 in the morning by the garbage workers and found a corner grocery open at 3am to find Ibuprofen and a tall carton of OJ. (Nowhere but NYC). I read Jandy Nelson’s, The Sky is Everywhere and marveled at how naturally the poems and prose worked together. I wrote down favorite lines, swelled with Jandy’s portrayal of the sadness of death and glowed in the loveliness of life. Then for a stark contrast, I entered Suzanne Collin’s stark dystopia of the Hunger Games.

By Sunday night, I was ready to head home from my mini-vacation. I hailed a cab driven by a Nigerian man who came to the US on a philanthropist’s scholarship. He got a degree in Computer Information Systems, works for the State of NY and also drives a cab on the weekends to fund a scholarship that he founded. His $10,000 dollars has brought seven students to the US to learn and prosper. Amazing!

So today I am thankful: thankful for my family, healthy and wise, thankful for my safety and freedom, my love of learning and life. I send my wishes of peace and homecoming for those service men and women who are away from their families- and to their families, whose missing and longing I know so well.



 Most bloggers know about tags but for those who don’t, they are the words or phrases you assign to your journal postings to organize them. Theoretically, if someone wanted to know "about me" they could click on the "about me" tag on the left side of my journal page and all of the journals I’ve ever written with that tag would be available for them to peruse. I didn’t know about tags myself until April 4th of 2007 (I started the blog on Sept. 26th, 2006). I use them with other people. For Kelly Fineman, for instance, sometimes I have a poetry form question and can go in and check for her posts regarding a sonnet or haiku.

What is interesting about my tags is that they change in font size depending on how many of the entries are tagged that way. Recently, the "conference" tag has been growing at a steady rate along with the "writing" tag. You can pretty much tell what I’m spending my time on that way. You can also see what I’m not working on…illustration, reading books. Ah, well… to every thing there is a season. 

May you find peace on this solemn day.