Remnants from another life

After two full weeks of being inside
and tripping over my backpack
in the entrance nook
on the way to the kitchen
multiple times,
I decide to empty it for storage.
I find
a small hairbrush
lip balm
nail clippers
dental floss
mint gum
a bandaid
pain medication
wrappers from a used roll of Tums
a Diva cup
multicolored pens
my work planner
a New Yorker with a spring illustration cover
a new monthly MTA fare card

hand sanitizer.

3 thoughts on “Remnants from another life

  1. After tripping over my swim bag
    I found…
    shampoo to clean chlorine…
    wet towel that had dried and now smelled really bad

  2. Thank you Anna. Quite happy I am isolated on 10 acres in Maine and that we have new leadership in the state.

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