True Dialogue

Lucy Dog: Whines at door.

Me to Teen #2: It’s your turn to walk the dog.

Teen #2: I’m doing my homework.

Me: You need to help our house community.

Teen #2: But you’re not doing anything.

Me: Take the dog out.

Lucy Dog: Whines

Teen #2: Fine. But if I die of cold, night air, make sure there’s popcorn at my funeral.

Lucy is resting after chasing her bunny.
Lucy is resting after chasing her bunny.

4 thoughts on “True Dialogue

  1. Came to say hello. I follow your posts on Sporty Girl Books but never came to your blog. Was a pleasant surprise that you also illustrate and do it well. Best wishes from the north, and follow you now also on Twitter.

    1. Giora, thanks so much for visiting. This is poetry month so I hope to b posting more. Sporty Girl Books and my own writing have kept me super busy throughout March. Here’s to a prolific spring!

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