Poetry Friday: Astrologically Speaking

Astrologically Speaking
By Anna E. Jordan

He charts lives.
Interprets transits.
Clarifies uncertainties.

She is astrologically

Scorpio rising,
Aries moon.

Virgo rising,
Sun in 5th house.

He sees a future
in opposition.
Nodes out of place
He needs space.

She struggles to understand.
Searches for translation.
Grasps at what is already

He finds truth
the language of

She in her own

-November 14, 2014


poetry friday

11 thoughts on “Poetry Friday: Astrologically Speaking

  1. Wonderful poem, Anna! Made me smile and nod knowingly, as I think about how differently my husband and I sometimes view things. (You wrote this poem on my husband’s birthday.) 🙂 We’re both Scorpios!

    1. Thanks so much for reading, Jama. I’ve been told that even the time of your birth makes a big difference in how you see your path so it doesn’t surprise me that there are times that two Scorpios don’t see eye to eye. Happy Belated Birthday to your husband!

  2. My favorite “Grasps at what is already/ gone.” Beautiful (says the Pisces). Thank you for sharing! xo

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