Vacation Post

I’ve been on the Gulf Coast of Florida for almost a week now. The kids have done a lot of fishing with Grandpa in the back coves and mangroves. I’ve been for a few long walks and yoga classes (shout out to the fabulous yogis at Joyful Yoga in Estero!). We’ve all luxuriated in a hot tub. Nothing to complain about at all – except… it has been awfully humid here. When we woke this morning, I walked out onto our sea view balcony (bliss) and there were huge puddles in the parking lot. Whatever rain fell, it was big enough to push out the humid air and leave dry cool breezes behind. The sky looked as if someone had sprayed it with Windex and polished it until it sparkled blue. The sea, which had been rolling and choppy was calm with gentle waves lapping at the sand.


What am I watching on vacation?

  • The Dark Knight Rises
  • Frankenweenie
  • Aloha Fluffy

What am I reading on vacation?

  • BALL DON’T LIE, Matt de la Peña. Absolutely fabulous. Don’t miss it.
  • I’m rereading Lisa Jahn-Clough’s upcoming release NOTHING BUT BLUE. (I’m writing the discussion questions for it and I’m more in love with the main character the second time around.)
  • Next up, WHERE’D YOU GO, BERNADETTE. Hilarious trailer for the book here:


2 thoughts on “Vacation Post

  1. Anna congratulations on your Pen award.. I am a member of MWPA and I have just completed the text for a children’s book. I need an illustrator. Can you guide my search?

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