Hurricane Sandy and the Grant Application

First, a shout out to all of those dealing with the devastating effects of Hurricane Sandy in the hardest hit areas of New York City and New Jersey. I’m watching these Weather Channel pictures full of worry– water in the subway tunnels, houses destroyed, beaches where beaches shouldn’t be. I’m crossing my fingers that you are safe and well and that your life gets back to normal in as short a time as possible.

In an odd twist of events, I am with my husband in Norfolk, VA while my children are in New England with Grandma. The last I heard she had stocked up on candles, water and ginger snaps, so I’m hoping everything is okay. I have no cell signal where I am, but wifi is strong, so I’m watching Facebook and Twitter trying to piece together the situation at home.

Here, the worst of the winds were last night. Low lying areas are flooded and TWC reports that the area received 8-10 inches of rain. This morning the rain has stopped and the winds are receding.

While I’m in our hotel room, and hubby is at work, I’m busy trying to complete a grant application. It’s a big one– the A Room of Her Own Gift of Freedom.  The $50,000 grant (yes you read that right) is the biggest I’ve ever applied for and the most arduous. Five essays, financial info, a writing sample, and a community service component make this quite a challenge. So why am I doing it? The process forces me to clarify and communicate my goals and motivations as a writer. Also, my kiddo told me I had to. “Mom, if you got this, you wouldn’t have to keep looking for another job. You could just write. You’d be so happy.” Out of the mouths of babes. So my baby, I’m writing these essays for a happier me, because a happy and fulfilled Mom is what you and every kid needs.

The envelope has to be postmarked November 1st. Please send me good-writing, no-procrastination vibes. 


10 thoughts on “Hurricane Sandy and the Grant Application

  1. Sorry that you are separated from your kids. Here in NH we are not too hard hit. Trees down, no school, but oddly here on our street we have power. Hope you and yours are all safe and warm.

    I am sending fabulously positive grant thoughts your way! How wonderful if you could get it. 🙂

    Stay safe!
    ~Beth Gallagher

    1. It would be amazing but I’m trying to focus on the positive aspect of the process. (As a college friend once told me, “If you expect spam you’ll be happy when steak arrives instead.”)

  2. I think Larry the Cable Guy says this best, “Git r dun!” I’m glad you’re somewhere w power to do it, because that would not have been an amusing twist of fate at all!! 48 hrs. You’ve got this!

  3. Good for you, Anna! Best wishes with that fabulous grant. What a mountain of work just assembling all the components. I’ve heard great reports about AROHO from two friends who have been there.And I will VOTE. You can bet on it!

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