Farmer’s Market Frenzy! A Poem.

Meadow Merrill is an SCBWI member in Bath, Maine who met me last Tuesday at the Brunswick Farmer's Market. She came to participate in my Farmer's Market Frenzy challenge to New England SCBWI members. It was a beautiful post-Hurricane Irene day and the harvest practically glowed in the late summer sunshine. I met a couple of her children and we spoke about writing and SCBWI. Alas she is the only one who has submitted any writing or illustration. If others still have drawings or poetry that they are just sitting on send it my way via email northernera at nescbwi dot org. We are so lucky Meadow decided to come and accepted the challenge to write a poem. Enjoy!

By Meadow Rue Merrill
Keep your stickers off my apples,
Your wax and plastic bags too.
Wrap them in sunshine.
Let me taste the trees in which they grew
And gather them here under spiky, white tents
Staked where cows once grazed and alders blew,
Here at the edge of town on this succulent summer day.


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