LASCBWI Conference Wrap-up: Quotes Aplenty!


Saturday, August 6th:

Morning Keynote Trifecta- This was my absolute favorite part of the conference. It was heart-wrenching, and honest and hopeful. It was about leaving the emotional truth on the page and getting the author out of the way. Just wonderful.


Donna Jo Napoli-

“Any civilization is built on empathy and the safest way to build empathy is through a book.”

“If you need to write it, chances are, there are children out there…many children, who need to read it.”


David Small-

“Life is a shit storm and the only umbrella we have is art.”


Judy Blume-

“The stuff that’s going to matter is going to come from deep, deep inside.”

“A quest involves questioning.”



Richard Jesse Watson-

“There’s a child inside of each of us. Or an inner Godzilla for some children.”


Norton Juster-

“It’s our mistake that we’ve practically banished boredom.”

“One kid dreaming in an hour probably has more ideas than we do in a lifetime.”


Sunday, August 7th:


Gary Paulsen-

“Read like the wolf eats.”

“Get ourselves off the page and off the stage.”

“Every book [we write] begins in the library in the hopes that it will end there.”

“Unless you find yourself on the page [as a reader], very early in life, you will go looking in all the wrong places.”


Laurie Halse Anderson-

“Art disturbs the universe.”

“Commit art.”

“You’re gonna’ die.”

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