News from the outside

Dear Friends,
Originally I was going to lock this post and then decided that there are probably many others who are experiencing similar circumstances and could chime in.

I recently posted about a job for which I applied. I found out yesterday that I did not get the job. I had high hopes that this was the one. I’ve applied to many in the last six months. Six or seven, or is it more like eight or ten? Whatever the numbers, for each one there is the work of the application. For teaching jobs this is more extensive. Transcripts, fingerprints and certifications all need to be gathered. I have to impose upon friends to write or rewrite their references for me, yet again. I send it all in. I get my hopes up. I wait. I follow up. I don’t get the job.

I don’t feel this is at all a reflection of my competence. The employer often sites the large number of qualified and over-qualified applicants. The economy and the high unemployment rate is certainly a factor. Jobs in Maine are few and far between. Budgets are slashed. The employers applaud my intelligence, my creativity, my interesting experiences and then they say, "no." On the publishing front the message is often the same. Wow, the editors say. You are a wonderful writer. So professional. Your piece is great. I just signed a similar one. I’m sorry. No.

The question one might ask, I might ask, I DO ask, is how much "no" can a person take? The reality of our financial situation (two mortgages as our spec house is unrented and unsold) forces me to get up on that horse. Keep riding. Redesign that resume. Network more. Apply or submit again. Tenacity counts. I am tenacious.

I tell myself that a better opportunity will come along. That the universe knows what it is doing. That it wasn’t meant to be.

All this in the midst of a wonderful, magical MFA residency at VCFA in the snow covered mountains of Vermont.
What a joy kill.


A list

Sometimes there is the pressure to have something to say when one starts to write a blog entry. I always start thinking I’ve got nothing. Lists help, so here we go…
1. Kids went back to school today. I got almost all my sketches for Fufu printed out on good Arches paper. Two are already painted. Must keep on, keeping on.
2. Lucy puppy is growing fast. With the kids and hubby gone she was visibly confused and decided to sleep for most of the day. I took her out skiing, went for a walk, and practiced frisbee fetch. She gives it back to me if I keep a few bits of hot dog handy. I’m so happy that she is part of our family.

Is she beautiful or what?
3. My VCFA residency starts on Sunday! This is pack week. That means that this is also laundry week. And go to Target for last minute "I needs", I need twin size flannel sheets, a new set of long johns, an electric water kettle, and a back support chair insert if I can find one. After the New Year’s storm I’m expecting deep snow. I got these slope sliders as a gift to bring with me to the residency.

I’m also trying to catch up with my reading, both pre-lecture and pre-workshop readings. I should have done this during the last two weeks but used the reading time to treat myself to grown-up books The Help and Eat Cake.
4. Cross your fingers for me as I have a job interview on Wednesday as the Media Liaison of a private school. I think I’m a great match for the job, we’ll see how the meeting goes.
5. My kiddo got a Sansa mp3 player which I was assured would take files from itunes. (not purchased but the ones that were originally my cd’s) Turns out that all my music was imported in nonmp3 format so I have to convert them all. Ick. Now I know there is a box to check in preferences to fix this problem for future imports.