Three on Thursday

1. Please welcome, Lucy!

Lucy is a nine week old yellow Labrador who became a part of our family on Sunday. Her birthday is September 13th. She loves to chew on woodwork, pounce on footballs and soccer balls, and snuggle in your lap for some serious loving. Lucy is learning to love the warmth of being a house dog but is still learning to only pee outside.

It only took a moment for us to fall in love with Lucy but of course it will take a lifetime of training and love to make Lucy a well-mannered member of our family. I’m pretty tuckered out from a week of night time bathroom breaks. It is like having a newborn again, but one that can run away pretty quickly.

2. Because of travel issues, my parents are arriving this evening with my hubby (who has been away this first week of puppy parenting). They will stay through the Thanksgiving weekend. Did I mention that all my energy this week has gone to this puppy and my human children. The house is a complete wreck. School paperwork and projects cover my kitchen counters, flies have made their way into the boy’s bathroom and died– littering the floor, My kid’s rooms are trashed. The office, where my sister-in-law is suppose to sleep next Wednesday is covered in books for my MFA. The laundry is done and has been wrinkling in the baskets that I’ve been dumping on my bed to fold and then shoving back into the basket at night when I finally hit the hay at after a day of puppy care. In addition to the messy house, my oil just ran out. Not entirely unexpected mind you. I tried to get oil last week but they didn’t take my check which has our Maryland address still. I found someone who will deliver this morning.

3. AND… I’m supposed to be prepping for my trip to NYC for the Jewish Children’s Book Writers and Illustrators Conference this weekend. I have to pack and get color copies made of illustrations. It would be nice if I could update my portfolio a bit too. I should stick new mailing labels on my postcards too.

So you see, it is quite busy here. Hectic might be a better word. Frustrating? No, exhausting.