Five on Friday

 1. I am just home from the dentist and feel like a drunk chipmunk. She had to remove a crown, fill a cavity and give me a temporary crown. The worst part was keeping my mouth open for so long. I’ll go back in a few weeks to have the permanent crown put in.

2. I’ve just completed two whole semester classes compressed into three very busy weeks. Well almost complete. I have a paper and a take-home final due for one of the classes still. One was an art history class the other a plein air painting class.  The coursework in the time allowed was very challenging. The Art History class included an essay, a class presentation, a mid-term (half in class/half at home), a final paper and a final exam. In the painting class we completed 5 oil paint canvases (including a transcription), 2 pastel drawings, and many other ink, charcoal and graphite drawings. 

3. I’m going to show my work from the last two semesters at our Maryland house on June 20th in the afternoon and evening. I’m hoping to post the images online for people to see. All work is for sale and the proceeds will pay for…

4. The MFA Writing for Children program at Vermont which I will be attending this July!

5. I’m really looking forward to getting back to New England and the Brunswick community. I’ve missed the Maine Illustrators’ Collective and my writing partners so much. The end of the tunnel seems a little closer each day. The kids are out of school next Friday.