No emails

For the last 12 months I have had a plethora of emails. Every time I sat down to the computer there would be at least 30 emails and this would be true about three times a day. Yesterday 10. Today 6. I am not complaining. I am rejoicing. The conference is done and it far exceeded my expectations. Our keynote speakers, Cindy Lord and Floyd Cooper were absolutely amazing.

Cindy gave us a practical and touching keynote about the work that is necessary to create honest writing. It is this kind of writing, she explained, that will allow your readers to connect to the story in an authentic way. Cindy is a personal friend but we have not been in close proximity for a while. Never the less, her speech seemed like a conversation that discussed all the challenges I currently face in my writing. It was as if the other 400 people in the room melted away and we were sitting together having tea and cake. Truly, this is the mark of an excellent speaker.

Floyd was charming, funny and informative. HIs positive and laid back style was accessible to everyone in the room (artist or writer). He told us about his experiences in the industry over the last 20 years, and the challenges facing illustrators willing to take on characters from diverse cultures. He shared his subtractive method with ease and aplomb. (Which anyone can do. Ha.) 

Our faculty was generally knowledgeable, prepared, and accessible. I actually got to attend three workshops over the weekend and all of them were excellent. 

Of course it is the conference within the conference that takes my breath away: seeing old friends, making new connections, learning from peers.

Thanks to everyone who made this conference a reality. I delegated quite a bit this year as I was directing from afar. Everyone kept the juggling balls in the air and put on a super show.

Now I’m free to do my creative work, and that’s what it is really all about. To do:

  • Final 36" x 36" drawing for college drawing class due Wednesday on "The mythology of epiphanies."
  • Submit application packets for Falmouth and Brunswick art teacher positions.
  • Work on VCFA personal and critical essays for submission next Friday.
  • Final paper and project due for Color Theory, May 11.
  • Revise picture book for agent.
  • Re-read novel taking notes.

At least I don’t have as many emails. 

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