My Life. So similar to yours I’m sure.

 When I wake up in the morning (around 6ish) my brain kicks into overdrive. With my eyes closed, illustration ideas play for me like a slide show. Sometimes I squeeze them harder trying to make out the details, the colors, the gestures, space, composition… Without fail they fade as I open my eyes. 

I take this time to plan too. "Today," I think,  "I will jump right up, do some research for my class paper, write the "one-month-left" letter to faculty of the conference, revise Regular Bus, I need to dummy up First Came the Deer"… and on and on until I’m so overwhelmed that the warmth of my husband and the bed lull me to inaction for another half-hour. 

Then it’s up and at ’em. Unload the dishwasher, get up the boys, make lunches. Has everyone has breakfast? Get your lunch box, shoes on, shoes on, homework packed. Mom did you sign my… Shoes on! Let’s go. Run, run, let’s not miss the bus…

Then quiet. Clean the kitchen or check email? Check email. 

Oh no, I’m late. Shoes on. Get to class.

Did I mention one month left. I’m so excited for the conference but part of me wishes it was April 27th. Maybe then I’ll get to that 6 am list. 

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