One small step for the Earth

I have two priorities for the April New England SCBWI conference. One is to welcome and include as many different kinds of people as possible. We have a very diverse faculty and I hope that a diverse group of attendees will be drawn to the "Many Voices" conference.

My second priority was to reduce the carbon foot-print of the conference. My goals were to increase recycling, reduce the numbers of water/soda bottles used, and go paperless for the brochure and registration. Because it is the first year that we are doing online registration, all NESCBWI members will get a postcard to point them in the right direction. The online registration will be up and running on January 24th. The tests have gone really well, and we’ve gotten good feedback. Anindita, my co-director, is made of patience and awesome as she has formated the site and tackled the issues and glitches. Today I got the good news from the hotel that, because of my green requests, they will have recycling receptacles for all bottles and the "boxed lunch" boxes for our conference. 

I feel great about these achievements and look forward to seeing you all at the conference. 

I'd love to hear your thoughts!

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