One hundred forty four days and counting

If you are a NESCBWI member you may have heard about the new Social Networking aspect of, MyNESCBWI. If you haven’t visited the new ning, created by web guru Greg Fishbone, take a look, sign up, and friend me. I happen to know that Greg is looking for web work so if you are looking for a web guru you may want to contact him. Mostly the ning will be a spot for New Englanders but if you live outside of the area (like me for now) and are homesick for the colorful autumns, white winters, and brown springs then the ning may be the place for you.

Greg placed a count down gadget on the ning that tells you how many days are left until the spring conference. "Oh good," you say. No, this is not good. This is the ultimate in deadline manifestation. It even has hours and minutes left, slowly they tick away revealing how little time I have to get all the conference work done. ACK! It makes me feel like this:

My co-director  

   says, relax. That’s almost as long as a school year. Hmmm… So maybe it feels more like this:

"Bring on the chocolate!" I say.

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