Poetry Friday: Sonnet

Spring romances a poem. A sonnet.
By Anna J. Boll

At night lambs cuddle under wooly coat,
By day the maple sap begins to flow.
The snowman sheds the red scarf from his throat,
his inhibitions melting like the snow.

The air is filled with noisy north bound geese,
and water trickles over rocky ledge.
The scent of soil fills my heart with peace,
I turn and venture toward the garden edge.

A tender greenish shoot pokes from the ground.
Leaves grow, roots tunnel down and twine about,
Thoughts bud and swell ‘till lyric words abound.
A gay bouqet of poems begins to sprout.

I catch a scent of sweetness in the breeze,
And write about the music of the bees. 

This is my first and only attempt at a sonnet. Hope you enjoy it. Tonight was the May Day festival at the kid’s school. There were maypole dancers in white with crowns of flowers, pink cupcakes, and a May baskets raffle. More about the completion of Prints & Poems week later.