Conference count down

Well, I’ve managed to miss a LJ birthday for 

 and a get out the vote celebration for 

. I also missed the release celebration for Love and other Uses for Duct Tape by aforementioned 

. Why? Because we are down to the Nitty Gritty.

NO! Not the Nitty Gritty Dirt Band.
The little stuff that has to happen before the NESCBWI annual spring conference. The special meals, the registration confirmations, the closet for the doorprizes, the people who want refunds (they can’t come now because their husband’s cousin’s sister is having a baby that day), the number of screens, and whiteboards, and mics, and folders and… you get it. I think I have another 30 emails each time I turn away from my computer. 

So Happy Birthday to Kelly. Carrie, my grover says “I heart Cawwie” too. (I’ll bring him to the conference so he can tell you himself.)

Luckily, the snow has stopped. (Shhh, don’t say it outloud, it’s bound to start again.) My husband is home. My dog, while not cured is at least not pooping on the floor. My sons are practicing for the May Day celebration at school. (Maypole anyone?) And baseball season has started. Must have, my son has started carrying around his  baseball mit, and my husband tries to surf back and forth to baseball while I’m trying to get a good look at Jason Taylor on Dancing With the Stars. (The man is fine. Grover thinks so too.)

Nine more days and a wake up.

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