Creative Space

Laura Hamor posted about trying to quiet the world in order to hear your muse entitled Creative Space. I’m having a really hard time doing this recently. Thoughts of money, relocation and jobs fill my thoughts. I’m trying to (in a Zen way) allow these thoughts to come and then go but I’m bad at that. Instead I hang on to them, turning them into projects. Relocation? Surf the net for maps and chamber of commerce sites for various places to go. Jobs? Browse Career Builders, Colleges I’d like to work at, and even B & B’s that are for sale. Money? Obsess. Now that I have an agent, will he be able to sell my work? I couldn’t sell it. I need a day job.  So I am sitting at the computer without producing much. However, my writing partner is expecting the next chapter of my current WIP on Thursday so at least that lights a fire under my bum. Maybe my muse is the muse of fire. Hmmm… fire, heat, warmth… that’s it, my creative space is somewhere warmer. No wonder I can’t get anything done.

Fun in the snow on Saturday. But the current ice storm forecast has me down.

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