Update 2007

1. Books I’ve read in the last month: An Abundance of Katherines (Green), Twisted(Halse-Anderson), A Drowned Maiden’s Hair (Schlitz), Lessons from a Dead Girl (Knowles), Diary of A Fairy Godmother (Raji-Codell), Mao’s Last Dancer (Li Cunxin), Goy Crazy (Schorr).
2. Books on my bedside table: Story of a Girl (Zarr), Shark Girl (Bingham), Catalyst (Halse-Anderson), Friction (Frank), The Sunita Experiment (Perkins), Writing Magic (Levine), Crafting Stories for Children (Lamb)
3. Ballet proposal is out at agents. Molli & Mati has been rejected twice (third time’s a charm), Environmental books out at Tilbury House.
4. Made significant progress on Jacob Jones manuscript this month. (Thanks Jo!) I’ve set a deadline for December 15th to have the first draft done. I’m hoping to bring it to NY SCBWI conference.
5. Illustration mailing needs to go out. ACK.
6. 2009 conference planning starting, 2008 looking on good. On track.
7. Am I really and author/illustrator or just a writer who likes to draw? (That is a much deeper discussion that shouldn’t be on this list but there it is. At least I’m honest.)
8. It is technically still 2007 so this might still be my year.

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