Five things on 9-11

1. Even six years later, when my kids are 6 & 8, they are too young to hear what happened and I am too young and innocent to tell it without crying.
2. When you teach fitness classes, the first thing people say to you is, “I’m planning on going to the gym this week.” Well friends, I love it when you’re there but I don’t keep a list when you’re not.
3. I have pink eye, and the medicine to cure it. But I can’t stand looking like a sick kitten with goopy eyes. Gross.
4. I had a lovely weekend writing schmooze and have prioritized my writing time for the next month. Let’s see if I can stay on schedule. Mati and Molly got polished yesterday and is out! Roar dummy is next, then the first two chapters of my ballet book. Finding and agent, cleaning my office, and getting tax receipts together comes after that.
5. We are finally getting the rain we need, but it is a little dreary. Better for sitting and working at my desk but also good for napping. Must be careful.

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