Back to school

Back to school shopping was a nightmare. Poor I. had a difficult time finding things that fit as he is short in leg and wide in tummy. We ended up with jeans that were size 12 but they will need to be hemmed a good 4 inches. I’m so sensitive to his body image. I didn’t want him to feel badly about himself. But it is just like when I try on jeans. Different manufacturers have different sizing systems and you can’t tell what is going to fit till you try it on. On the other kid, the leg fits and the waist falls down on his bony hips. Good grief.

I’ve just put them on the bus and I’m taking a deep breath. Trying to get my to-do list in order. I’m meeting with my writing friends and an editor from Candlewick, my dream publisher, this weekend. I’m looking at all my work trying to find the best piece to read during the critique session. Wish me luck.

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