Published twice!

What an amazingly beautiful day here in Maine. Sun shiney turquoise skies. Light breezes blowing through emerald trees. Amazing. This is way better than our family day at the baseball game yesterday that got rained, no, stormed out.

Hubby is the PIC (parent in charge) today. He did camp drop-offs and pick-ups and now has the boys out golfing. I went down the coast to look for Cormorants to sketch. They have a staring role in my most recent work in progress. I found a couple but they were kind of far off shore so I had to look through binoculars, then draw a bit, then look again. Unfortunately, I don’t have a telephoto lens on my digital camera either. But here are a couple of other Maine photos you might like.

Check out the reflection of the lobstah buoys in the puddle. I’m no John Bald but that’s pretty cool, eh?

Amazing day.
And just to catch you up on all things summer in Maine…

Where’s E? Playing peek-a-boo with LL Bear at the 95th Bean’s anniversary. I got a chance to catch up with Lita Judge who signed S is for S’mores. My crit group partner, Katie Clark, (Grandma Drove the Garbage Truck) was signing her new book Seagull Sam too.
I’ve also been busy making “Space” birthday cakes…

And finally… Go get your August 2007 issue of Highlights High Five, open up the front cover and take a look at (drumroll please)…
Bath Time by Anna J. Boll (yours truly). This poem is my second publication so far. I’ve had other poems purchased but you know how it is in children’s publishing land. sooooooooooooooooooo. sloooooooooooooooooow.
I couldn’t find an image of the current cover. Oh well.
Hope you feel caught up. Have a great day.

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