That dummy Dummy

Okay, I think I’ll have the Dummy of my current WIP “done” for my writers group. Done right now means that the first six spreads are completed with color and designed as I’d like to see it in the book. However, I’m totally open to art direction (of course). The rest is in sketch stage. The images are clear and composed, the text is as I’d like to see it in the final. I don’t want it to be too finished as if to suggest I don’t want to work with anyone who might change this. I also don’t want it too messy.

The poll is just for fun as I’ve seen numerous dummy books from all of these catagories depending on the relationship the artist has with the Art Director/Editor and how well known they are. Melissa Sweet showed me one of her dummy books and it looked like a bunch of scribbles and writing with pasted in text. She is the one who told me the real art happens after the dummy is approved. Then again, Melissa Sweet is Melissa Sweet.

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