Dummy Progress

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12 / 30

Forty percent! Well, I’m moving along here. I’m hoping to be done by Sunday night. Possible, possible.

As a writer, the most exciting thing about illustrating my own work is that I am able to see how the pictures and the words work together. My manuscript started at 340 words and I’ve cut almost 100 of those. Why? Because the pictures say they same thing as the text. Instead of telling the games that the main character played throughout the day I can show a room full of leftover games and toys with the text, “Mama and Orson played all day long.” This is liberating but also very difficult because it is sometimes hard to decide how much the reader will “get” from the picture and when words have to stay or things need to be explained. As writers, we always try to show and not tell. In picture books, we need to let the illustration do the telling too. Words are also necessary when the pictures and words are in opposition to set up a humorous moment. My text says, “Mama got ready for Orson’s bath. Orson got ready too.” The picture shows Mama getting ready and Orson hiding under a towel. Keep on working!

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