And it is only 10 am

One can accomplish when one wakes up at 4:45. I teach aerobics on Mondays and Fridays at this time anyway so I’m trying to make it a regular thing to get in extra drawing and writing time. This morning I woke up after having this realistic dream where the character I played in the dream gave and incredible speech to a teacher who was being a jerk. I opened my eyes, looked at the clock– 4:46 bolted up and started the first chapter of a new novel. Hmmm… you may wonder what has happened to novels #1, and #2. Well, novel one has been completed twice and has been in the proverbial drawer for a while. It is time to take it out and do a serious book altering, life altering revision. (Maybe not today.) Novel two is on chapter three, and this one now has an amazing first chapter. Well, it was amazing to write.

I made lunches and got my children off to school. Then I took my incredibly stinky dog, Sam, to a new grooming and self-service dogwashing business called Unleashed that opened up in Topsham, Maine. The self-service dog wash is on a sliding scale depending on the size of your dog. I have a big dog and paid $16. It was completely worth it to use their professional doggie showers that are waist high, their shampoos, ear, teeth, and eye wipes, nail clippers, and tornado-like blowers that atomize the water and blow away fur and dead skin. Noone will recongnize the new and improve non-stinky Sam. He is soooo clean.

Don’t miss this link. (First seen on the Laurie Halse Anderson site) What a way to live!

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