Pity party for me

So my hubby is tucked in bed and getting ready to leave tomorrow  with the Navy. No, he will not be in harm’s way, no, he will not be gone for months and months and he has a specific date to come home so I’m not worried. For this I should thank my luck stars and I do. However, I do not want him to leave. Whenever he does, we get a big snow storm or something in the house breaks (knock on wood). Mostly, I miss him and it is hard to be alone with the kids for two weeks. I know, poor me, blah, blah, sob, sob. But there you have it. Here is the bright side. 1) I will go see my parents for the second week as it is also winter break week and 2) I will write and draw in the evenings as we will not need “catch up” time. I don’t feel very bright yet. Hmmm…

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