MEIC meeting last night

Goodmorning all. I had a great Maine Illustrators Collective meeting last night. The Fall Folio Feast preparations seem pretty much in place. We are pleased to have about 30 illustrators so far (our target) coming to share their portfolios. The art buyers list has doubled from last year and includes the two major children’s publishers in Boston: Candlewick, Charlesbridge. I am still working on Houghton and it looks pretty good right now but I’ll give you updates next week. I’m still trying to court the stationary/gift folks so if anyone has a contact out there I’d love to get it. I also found out about this cool link where you can make your own font. (I know, I need to figure out how to do links here in live journal.)

I have an interview today at a private school in Portland to Direct their Summer Arts Camp. The current director has been there for 16 years. It’s my second interview in the process. Wish me luck!

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