The Cupboard Under the Stairs

I’m at the end of my second month of living in a new space on my own. It’s been quite a downsize. I lost a large office/studio in the process. Still I love it in my new place and have found a little nook to call my own– a cupboard under the stairs. It seems appropriate since I write for children and young adults that my work setting is the same as Harry Potter’s infamous bedroom. I dare say that my space is a lot nicer though. All cobwebs have been cleared and a slow spider or two was invited to take up residence elsewhere. It is quite noisy when my teen boys (man-child 1 and man-child 2) tromp down the stairs but the side walls are a little like blinders so that may help my work production. Speaking of which, I’m trying to finish my revision and deliver to my awesome agent by Monday. They say U.P.O.D. (under promise over deliver). I just hope to be able to deliver on time.

Here are some images of my new space! (And Lucy)

Lucy is resting after chasing her bunny.
Lucy is resting after chasing her bunny.








6 thoughts on “The Cupboard Under the Stairs

  1.  you are FABULOUS and Lucy is adorable. I love your work space…just keep the door open   

  2. I love how efficient your space is (and neat!) I have a little space too, and have thought of sharing the photos of it. I love the ambiance, but it’s difficult to carry on creating art, especially the ACEOs there. Loved the visual of the man-children tromping…

    1. It’s a struggle to keep working in the face of numerous obstacles. This is just a little creative problem solving but you and I have had a lot of creative problem solving to deal with. Yay! for us. 🙂

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