March Round-Up: Part One, The Brunswick Inn

This is my first in a month of Saturday’s that I’ve woken up in my own bed with nothing on the calendar. I’m SO grateful. As wonderful as travel and visiting can be, it is exhausting. It has also meant very little time for blogging so I’m going to update you on some of my March. This might have to be in parts because there is so much!

The month started with a lovely stay at The Brunswick Inn with my wonderful Book Club friends.

The beautiful Brunswick Inn!

Our book club has been meeting for almost 20 years. We’ve seen each other through babies, degrees, and jobs. We meet once a month on a Sunday morning. We eat, and talk, and even discuss books. I’d say I read 70% of the time. When I don’t read it’s because I’m plowing through three other middle grade or young adult books. Still, it’s a great way to promise myself at least one grown up book a month, intellectual conversation, and the support and love of female friends.

The Inn faces our town’s wonderful green space called the mall. There is a gazebo and during the summer months an amazing farmer’s market. In addition to the big house, it turns out that the property is very deep and includes a Carriage House and a cottage.

The Cottage. How cute is that?!?

All the rooms are beautiful. Here’s where we stayed.

Room 9 in the Carriage House.

It included another twin and two more twins in an adjoining room. There was also a conference area available to us. If I was planning a summer writing retreat, I’d definitely use The Brunswick Inn.

Tomorrow, Part Two: Brooklyn and NYC!

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