Oak Hill Young Writers Inspire

Last night I spoke at the annual awards ceremony and author’s reception for the Oak Hill Young Writers’ Club in Sabattus, Maine. I knew that the event would give me a chance to brush up on my public speaking skills before my award reception Sunday evening. I knew that the event would give me a chance to see what my Creative Bookings clients were experiencing. I knew the event would be my chance to inspire a group of kids who were interested in the thing that I love most.

What I didn’t realize is how much they would inspire me.

The Oak Hill Young Writers’ Club started with a handful of children at a single school and have since grown to one hundred children throughout the the school district. The teachers and volunteers leading the charge are passionate about children and passionate about writing. They see cuts in school budgets year after year and have “band[ed] together to become a foundation of support for [the] children.” Through business and community donations, volunteers, and the kindness of local authors, they have focussed their energy on making writing appealing and cool for students through club meetings, writing contests, and scholarships.

After the speakers, I was honored to watch the attending young authors receive their t-shirts and certificates of participation for the year. The contest winners received their prizes. Their smiles, and the pride on their parent’s faces, lit up the room. In that moment, I was reminded of the pure joy of writing without the expectation of publication or money or awards.

I wish for you all a day of writing without ego.

9 thoughts on “Oak Hill Young Writers Inspire

  1. There’s something about being around young writers that is particularly magical. It’s like they have all the energy and excitement typical of kids, but then it’s magnified because they are already beginning to harness the power of words. 🙂

  2. OMGosh! I can’t believe you were there. I would have loved to have met you! I was supposed to attend, but couldn’t make it. I spoke at their reception last year and I’ve taught a few writing workshops for them, most recently only two weeks ago. LUV those kids. The organizers are phenomenal. Melissa is a gem!

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