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First the good news…

My first round word for the March Madness Poetry tournament was given to me a little more than 36 hours ago. The word- potion. My opponent has to manage the word- bastardized- into her poem, so I’m looking forward to see what she does with that. Here is the link: Potion vs. Bastardized. Ideally, I’d already be able to see what I’m up against, but Ed Decaria, who runs the tournament ran into a few delays today.

The bad news…


Uh Oh! Round 1 Flight 1 Voting Delayed

Due to changing work circumstances, it is going to be difficult for me to post the poems and polls in a timely fashion this morning. They may trickle in throughout the day, but some may not end up getting posted until late tonight. I apologize for this, but not much I can do. It will just make tomorrow all the more INSANE! If we need extend some polls through Friday lunchtime, we can do so.

Thank you for your understanding!


p.s. Poems submitted are still considered FINAL; this is not an extension of the writing period, just a delay of the voting period.

(I’m amazed that he does all this organizing and tech work on a volunteer basis. I should talk to him about that. Maybe get a donation button up on his site.)

The good news…

Again, the poems will be posted: Potion vs. Bastardized. If they are not posted when you stop by Wednesday, please go back on Thursday when they will surely be available. I’d appreciate your vote.

The even better news…

A big thank you to Mrs. Kistler and the 49’ers (her third grade class) for suggesting the word, “potion.” I actually wrote three poems and then revised one heavily before I decided on my final submission. I hope they feel I’ve captured the third grade experience and that they tell all their friends to vote for me :). Keep reading and writing poetry!

Potion vs. Bastardized. Vote for me!!!

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