Five on Friday

1. A moment of wild rumpus for Maurice Sendak.

2. June 3, 2012, 7 pm, at University of New England, Portland campus, Taylor Mali, poet, performer and poetry slam winner will be reading. His poem “What Teachers Make,” went viral on YouTube a while ago and with the release of the poem in book form, it’s sure to start turning up again. Send it to your favorite teacher for Teacher Appreciation Week (May 7-11). Proceeds from the show go to help the Cobscook Community Learning Center. Also reading are Gary Lawless and Elizabeth Peavey. You can get ticket here.

3. This past weekend the family who lives on the Darthia Farm hosted the Maine Writers and Publishers Alliance writer’s retreat providing a safe place for the participants to learn more about their craft. On Monday morning the farm buildings, hay, and livestock were destroyed in a tragic fire. The effort to rebuild this  iconic Downeast Maine organic farmstead please click here.

4. The good news: Four months of deployment done. The bad news: This week has been particularly difficult with the rain. I couldn’t manage to find any motivation– not for exercise, not for revision. I’d say I need a swift kick in the pants but what I really need is a shake. It feels as if there is a cloud all around me that’s hard to push through. The good news: Instead I dove head first into historical fiction by Phillipa GregoryTwenty more pages of THE LADY OF THE RIVERS, then I’m coming up for air and revisions. The bad news: It turns out to be the first of a series and I might have to read the next one.

5. The good news: I’m starting to entertain thoughts about our trip to Florence and Tuscany to meet up with my husband.

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