On the road to the NESCBWI Conference: Part 1: Toddler’s Eye View

Yesterday, I put my children on an airplane to visit my in-laws in Florida. I hugged them, kissed them and bid them farewell. Then I watched the plane leave and cried. I’m not a good flyer myself so transferring my phobias to this situation was par for the course. Also, (with my husband deployed) the three of us have gotten to be quite the team. The separation was a little like ripping a couple of bananas from the bunch. Nevertheless, I wiped my tears and got on with the business of being on my own and enjoying a week’s vacation. First stop without children? My sister-in-law’s home where she just had a new baby. She also has a cutie, cute toddler. I know– crazy.

But in a way it isn’t crazy at all. As soon as I walked in their house, I was transported back to a time of sitting on the floor, and bubbles, stones, squirrels, and sidewalk chalk, and putting things in, and taking things out, and bath time, and “what does the cow say?” It was a toddler’s point of view and it reminded me of why I got into the business of writing and illustrating in the first place.

Inspiration! It’s grand.

(PS: It also means short blog posts because someone always needs something– NOW!)

10 thoughts on “On the road to the NESCBWI Conference: Part 1: Toddler’s Eye View

  1. Enjoy your much needed down time before the joyful craziness of this weekend hits. I’m starting to wish that I was attending, but it’s really time to simply finish my in-progress work. Can’t wait to hear all about it.

  2. You putting your kids on the plane reminds me of when my parents used to do that – except that it was just me. I was 14, so not too young, but still…. Anyway, your opening paragraph triggered that memory.

    I hope you enjoyed your week to yourself and the conference too. Hope you gained lots. Take care… 🙂

    1. Thanks for the memory, Gatil. I used to go on the plane alone to summer camp and loved it. I think I became more fearful after the Lockerbie incident. I was 17 then.

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