Home Again Friday: Puerto Rico in Pictures and Poems

The last little piggie may have cried, “wee-wee” all the way home, but on our way home from Rincón, Puerto Rico my boys and I just cried. After an amazing week of surf, sand, sun, snorkel, and scuba, the last thing we wanted was to come back to the bare winter of Maine. There are no palm trees in Maine. More important, in Maine, we don’t have the attentive care of my parents who lavished us with food and fun.

Today, a slide show and two intimate-moment-Mama poems.

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Our Son
by Anna J. Boll

gentle eyes,
easy smile,
gorilla arms,
fuzz on upper lip

in him
i see you,
frozen in photos,
boy to man

he catches me
shakes his head,
a crazy mother,
full of pride

by Anna J. Boll

House lights twinkle
on dark island hills.
like maracas,
shakes palm fronds,
and chills the air

Long ago,
I wrapped two hands
around my big belly.
I wrap a blanket
around us both.

Coqui peep,
roosters crow,
dogs bark,
we wait.

We expect
and orange
to tint the clouds.

But the light
The sky
No show stopping

Just you,
and me,
and a moment

4 thoughts on “Home Again Friday: Puerto Rico in Pictures and Poems

  1. Love it! The slide show is awesome. Isaac looks so tall and lean. Your poem made me teary, he will be all grown up…. Did you and Ethan watch the sunrise? So cool. Love you all tons!

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